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Hey loves! I know it has been while but I promise to be better about weekly posts. 
Before I get into the outfit details, I wanted to share with you all of the changes The Sole Project has been undergoing.
The website is still a work in progress and I am playing around with the website designs to find 
a layout that is simple and easy to navigate. Victor has been my hero and is helping me with all of the redesigning!  

I realized that I only have a couple more months left in Austin before I make my big move 
to New York and I want to make the most of it! So I will be trying to do more touristy things around town. 


Maxi dresses/skirts have been the trend for awhile, and I can understand why: they automatically make you feel elegant and can easily become day and night outfits. 
This maxi dress has a mix of pattern: paisley as well as some african patterns, which make it unique and a definite eye-catcher. 
Wearing a denim jacket with a maxi dress instantly makes the look more casual. 

Some maxi dresses can make you lose your shape and figure, but the cinch at the waist
in this dress helps you show a little curve.
Also, this maxi dress has slits on both of the sides of dress, which make moving around so easy!

Outfit Details: 
Dark Wash Denim Jacket
Zara Paisley Maxi Dress
Lucky Brand Sandals 

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  1. Love that you paired your flowy dress with a jean jacket

  2. Cute pictures! this look is very chic!