11:34 AM

It is officially Spring! 
Good-bye to the scarves and coats, and hello to plain tees and dresses. 
Although it is spring, I know that most places are still a little too cold to just wear tees but 
you can always just throw on a cardigan or, in my case, my pale pink blazer (last picture). 

There is something so cool and effortless about wearing jeans and a t-shirt. 
I found this graphic tee in Forever 21, isn't it great?
Of course, you can make this look a lot more casual by wearing it with converse or sneakers,
but who says you can't wear graphic tees and heels?
I think wearing jeans and heels can be so flattering and it definitely showcases any body type. 

If you feel like the look is a little too edgy for you, you can soften up the look
by wearing your favorite spring coat. In my case, I paired it with my pale pink blazer.
It tones down the loud graphic tee and even makes the look a lot more girly. 

(I swear my zipper isn't open, the flap part always flips out! so embarrassing)

Outfit Details:
Forever 21 Pale Pink Blazer
Forever 21 Trust Nobody Tee
Zara Light Washed Jeans

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  1. Hi honey! Checking out your blog via Lucky! New follower and fan. Your photos are amazing!! You are such a cutie.

    Please stop by for a visit!

    Much love,


  2. I'm such a big Tupac and Biggie fan! One of my most loved clothing items it's an oversized sweater with Tupac. Loved how you accesorized this outfit.

    XO Andrea