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Hey Loves! I am so so sorry for this late post. This week has been a little hectic and I just got side tracked and never got to upload this. This past week was Austin's 6th Annual Fashion Week, and I had the honor of being able to attend the event. The week is packed with different events, workshops, markets, etc. Basically, it is the time and place to get to know all the other people in the fashion industry in this very lovely city.

Due to a some different events I had to attend, I was only able to make it to Wednesday's Fashion show (I really wish I could have made it to the awards ceremony). Anyway, Wednesday's Runway and Marketplace was so much fun! Before I forget, I want to thank the girls over at POM PR for inviting me to the event and for all their hard work preparing for AFW. Below I will share some of my favorite pieces, so keep reading! 

There were a total of nine designers that showed their pieces for this Summer and Fall. Like most runway outfits, they aren't necessarily made for people to wear down the street, but rather somewhere to get inspiration from to amp up your daily outfits to go along this season's trends. 

Right off the bat, you can't help but fall in love with the way Ashley Gunkel plays with vibrant and shimmering golds and silvers in her collection. Her pieces were elegant, modern and had a unexpected detailing in the back.  

Laisa Macias's inspirations definitely come from vintage roots and bold colors. Her pieces were so versatile, fun and had the perfect pinch of femininity. I did see a lot of purple in her collection, and purple is never a bad idea! 

This French-retro line was so fun and colorful. Priscilla Barroso played with patterns, colors and even different cultures. You can see her free-spirited nature through her pieces. Also, I loved all the white shoes she paired her collection with!

Nicholas Nguyen made a statement with his splash of gold. A lot of his pieces consisted of beautiful black dresses with splashes of gold, and he played with different prints and fabrics. He ended his collection with an elegant white gown that had more subtle hints of gold. 

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