7:19 PM

I am finally all moved out of Austin and back home for a couple of weeks before moving to New York City! It was a bitter sweet moment to say the least. I am horrible at saying goodbye, so do not take it personally if I didn't get to meet up with you before I left. I just get way too anxious when I know it will be my last time seeing someone for awhile. 

Anyways, on one of the last days in town Victor took me out on a date! Since most of my things were all packed up, I wore some of my most recent purchases that happened to still be hanging in my closet.
A plain white chiffon shirt is a staple piece for summer time. I paired it with my new silk shorts for a comfortable yet subtly glamorous look. Remember to keep cool this summer! 

Outfit Details:
White Chiffon Blouse (Recommended one here)
Paige Silk Short

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