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Hey guys! If you are still checking my blog, thank you and I am so so sorry for not posting. 
I have no excuse for not posting, but that I have been extremely lazy and semi/sorta busy planning my big move. I know I keep saying I will be better at it, and well I promise to try. I know taking pictures will be harder without my favorite and most amazing camera man by my side, but I will ask complete strangers if I have to. 

Anyway, here are some old pictures that never got posted. Looking back, I really like the dainty and simple accessories I wore this day. I kept the outfit simple as well. I had gone out to eat breakfast tacos, and I just wanted to be as comfortable as one can be while they stuff their face with brakos (I just made that up, and I won't ever do it again). I wouldn't typically wear orange, but there is something about this bright orange and the way it goes with denim, or is it just me?  

Also, I thought this photo was fitting because I wanted to talk about my go to summer bag. I got this Coach bag last summer to have a casual small bag to carry around on days like these. The size is perfect to carry your most essential things, which make it light and comfortable. The leather is of great quality and I adore the bright blue color! 

Outfit Details: 

Madewell Orange Sweater
Forever 21 Distressed Shorts
Coach Blue Leather Bag 

Although they don't have this bag anymore, here are some bags that I think are the similar concept for this season - HERE

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  1. I am loving the color palette of your outfit! The orange definitely goes well with the denim & the bag! The dainty jewelry pieces add such a delicate touch to your look. So lovely! :)