11:36 AM

I tend to go for clothing items that don't have patterns, because I like the simple and clean look.
You know, that chic effortless look of just throwing on a white tee. 
But since it was a little cold to just wear a plain white tee, I wore it with a blue jacket. 

The jacket is a cross between a blazer and a coat. It is very structured, yet the lines are very simple. 
It has big buttons to add a little more dimension and detail to the piece. 
Instead of grabbing my purse, I took out my clutch from Zara. Coffee shops are small and there
is hardly any room for big purses. So clutches are perfect for such spaces, you can just place the clutch on your lap during the coffee date! 

Outfit Details:
Your favorite white tee
ZARA Boyfriend Jeans
ZARA Envelope Clutch

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