6:04 PM

So lately I've been thinking about how I can describe my style, or at least what I think my style is. 
And it hasn't been easy to categorize or label one to be my over arching closet theme. 
I like all things comfortable, flattering; sometimes I like dressing up, sometimes I like dressing down. 
Sometimes I like wearing a floral sunday dress and other times I like looking as if I'm going to a rock concert. 
But isn't that the fun part? Not being able to de defined, shoved and categorized into one segment. 

Anyways, this is probably one of my favorite looks. 
And I wore this quite often during the fall, but instead of wearing a skirt I wore black shorts with this look. 
I stole this button down from my brother's closet and I am not planning on returning it any time soon.
 Whenever I don't know what to wear, I throw this shirt on over a simple black tee and I'm ready to head out. 

Outfit Details:
Forever 21 Black Faux Leather Skirt (Similar here)
Ralph Lauren Plaid Shirt (Men's)
Forever 21 Sleek Cutout Boots 

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  1. I completely agree with you. I have the same attitude when it comes to fashion :)

    That's one of my favourite looks too.
    and those boots...need!!
    :) x

  2. amazing! came across your blog when someone nominated you for the liebster award.
    Absolutely love this look x