9:39 PM

I have been really liking the grunge look for this winter. 
Maxi cardigans are back in this season and I found this one when I went thrifting for about $2! 
I went thrifting for the first time about a week ago and found some great winter pieces, I will have a blog up soon about my finds. 

I am a lipstick addict and right now I am in love with Mac's Cyber. 
I think this lip color is one of those girls appreciate more (I got so many compliments from girls but my boyfriend doesn't really like it). 
This color is perfect for the grungy look and it definitely adds a lot more edge. 
There is a cheaper version from Revlon for this color! 

Thrifted Maxi Cardigan 
Gray Infinity Knit Scarf
Crocodile Black Buckle Bag

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