5:16 PM

I love going to new restaurants and, well, just eating. 
I really enjoy trying out new places and pretending I'm a food (overall ambiance) critique. 
Hence, I decided to integrated into my blog. I will be posting pictures of the food and places I have been to!

Buenos Aires Cafe:
Great little place in East Austin. The food is okay - I mean it tasted good, it just wasn't authentic. 
But if I am craving empanadas and I am not in the mood to make it, I would go by and pick some up! 

Had empanadas which were a little too oily, the milanesa was the best part of my meal, and I wasn't too impressed with the panqueques. 

The place is cozy thanks to all the wooden interior detail. 
I saw a lot of people just order some pastries and a bottle of wine, and I think it is perfect place for a wine date. But I enjoyed my cafe cortado, so maybe a coffee date wouldn't be too bad either. 

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