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Just like you change your wardrobe with every new season, you need to change up your skincare regime depending on the season! In order to give my recommendation of skin products, I think I need to give some background on my skin history.

Growing up, I didn't struggle with bad skin; I would only get the occasional pimple here and there. However, I've always had very sensitive skin. Last year, I got a strange flare up on my face and I didn't think much of it. At first I thought it was the cold weather, then I thought it might be due to some of the medicine I had previously taken, and then I thought it might be due to the stress. After a lot of guessing and months of the condition coming and going, I decided to go to my dermatologist. Very long story short, there is no cure for it but it has a lifespan of two years and all I can do is treat it when it flares up.

So I currently am not the happiest with my skin, but I've come to learn a lot about what is good for my skin and what I should be doing to not irritate it. You need to realize that your skin is a good reflection of your health - mental and physical. Weather can also really stress your skin and cause it to act in ways that it usually doesn't. It is always better to be proactive about keeping your skin youthful and glowing rather than being reactive when things come up. I've listed out my favorite skin care products that I think everyone should try. Of course, most of my recommendations are to calm and soothe your skin, but I think these products are great for all skin types. Also, don't forget to wear sunscreen!

1. The Face Shop Calming Seed Mild Bubble Foam Cleanser
This cleanser lathers up very nicely and gives you a deep cleanse without stripping your natural oils. Like its name, it is calming and soothing! 

It is light weight and a little goes a long way. The cream smooths out your wrinkles and gives it a blurring effect. I always make sure to put on my eye cream before applying my concealer. This is my splurge item - I'm picky about my eye cream. 

These are amazing and so easy to use! Simply add into your daily moisturizer and apply all over the face and neck. They are really hydrating without the whole icky sticky feeling. If you had to purchase one product from this list, I would definitely recommend this one. Perfect all year round!

I don't like heavy products but at times I worry that my lightweight creams might not be hydrating enough in the winter time. Combining this moisturizer with the Cover FX fusion drops preps your skin and creates the necessary barrier your skin needs. 

When they say everything, they mean everything. This balm is the perfect item to keep in your bag this winter! I use it when my lips feel chapped, on spots my skin feels irritated, on my cuticles and anywhere else that needs some loving. 

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  1. whoaaaaa nelly!! Look here Maria! we need to lay down some ground rules for these informational post.
    First we gon' break down your known demographics.
    60% female - 40% male reader (my 3 female cousin, victor, and myself).
    80% vietnamese - 20% korean.
    60% nonworking - 40% working.
    Therefore, based on my assessment, I would like to request the following:
    Vietnamese translation as the majority of your audience are vietnamese.
    More content on male related contents - ex. what style is in for S/S '16, what looks to go for, hair hair hair (so important cause we all have such shitty hairstyles :-( ), etc etc.
    Also since we have a mixture of working and nonworking readers, we gon' need comparable looks with fast fashion items vs quality brand - and which items we should spend more money on vs which can be disposable.
    More product post like this because... asian skin is a bit different. Also I browse but I have a hard time deciphering these regimens - its like reading hieroglyphics. Please dumb it down for me!
    Lastly - dudeeeeeeeeee I LOVEEEEEEE korean food. Could you pack a to-go box next time you make some for Victor?

    Do you use sun screen? and does the foam cleanser remove all the product when you wash your face or do you have to use it in combination with another cleanser?