10:10 AM

I don't drink hot coffee too often, but I love drinking tea and lately I have found
a new sort of joy in buying tea mugs. They set you in the right kind of mood and 
it just makes me happier to drink tea from a pretty mug than just a plain old one. 
I got these two from Target and I am just in love!
Victor bought them for us and I decided to keep the owl one.

Another new obsession I have are candles.
I am pretty big on scents, because I like associating them to different times in my life.  
So for this holiday season, I got Marshmallow Fireside and Sparkling Icicles from 
Bath and Body Works. I don't really like the other scents too much (maybe they are too 'cookie' for me)
Anyway, I can definitely say that the marshmallow fireside one smells like its name, 
and the sparkling icicles has a fresher scent to it. 

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