5:09 PM

This is not your typical winter outfit, but you can throw on a coat on this and ta-da, you've got yourself a winter outfit. Isn't that the beauty and appeal of winter? You can be all warm and fuzzy, and still manage to look good, even if no one sees. 

Anyway, a white shirt is/should be a staple item in everyone's closet. 
I don't believe in the "no white after labor day" statement. If you know me, you know that I love white all year round. Yes, white can look cold if you don't wear it properly, but when you do get your winter white right, it can give you a crisp and clean look. 

Since I was visiting Texas, I decided to take advantage of not-so-winter weather. I wore my oversized white shirt with wrap plackets, and paired it with a patterned skirt. Who says you can't bring a little bit of summer into winter?

Outfit Details:

Runway Bandits Patterned Skirts
Forever 21 White Heels
Onecklace Name Necklace

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  1. I love the oversized shirt! Definitely agree with you that white can be worn all year round. I think I do tend to lean towards whites with warmer undertones rather than a super crisp white in the winter though.

    Arielle from Tangled Musings